Top makeup tips for a whiter smile


It’s no secret that everyone wants to have a gorgeous white smile. But did you know that the makeup you wear can have a huge impact on how sparkly and bright your pearly whites look? Different coloured lipsticks and glosses can magically change appearance of your teeth, whether or not you have had them professionally whitened.

Some shades can make your teeth appear dull or yellow so you must pay attention to the undertones of your lip product - we recommend you choose cooler-toned lipsticks with purple or blue undertones.

By adding these tips to your usual lip routine you’re guaranteed to have a brighter smile. Say cheese! 

1. Look After Your Lips

Our first, and most important, tip is to simply take care of your lips. Dry lips can accentuate any plaque build-up on your teeth, so keep your lips soft using a moisturising lip balm. You could also try gently exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub to get rid of any pesky dry patches.

2. The Glossy Look

A glossy lip not only looks amazing but it will also make your teeth dazzle. Layering with a lip gloss adds an extra shine to a cool matte lip that gives the illusion of whiter teeth. Or, if a bold lipstick isn’t your thing a gloss is just as pretty but less intense when you’re after the more natural look.

3. Ravishing Reds

When you want to rock a bold red lip, try a cooler toned lipstick with blue undertones to help cancel out any yellowness or staining on your teeth. A red lipstick can completely transform your makeup look, but yellow teeth will ruin it!

4. Pretty Pinks

If your preference is pink rather than red, then pick a paler shade. Your teeth will twinkle with the help of the cool undertones in the formula.  This statement lip will always look fabulous and by picking the right shade a pink will boost the shimmer of your smile.

5. Natural Nudes

Of course, bright lips aren’t for everyone. A classic nude lipstick is undeniably gorgeous and can be worn for any occasion if you choose the right one. Looking to perfect your nude lip? Consider wearing brown-based shades and avoid warm tones. When applied to your lips, peachy-orange hues can cause your teeth to appear more yellow than usual. 

6. Dark Berries

As the colder months are coming, it’s the perfect time to bring back the berry lipsticks - especially as they’re so beneficial to the look of your teeth. The purple base of a berry lip will be sure to balance out any staining on your pearly whites.

In need of some more teeth tips, or fancy whitening your teeth professionally to make your smile even more beautiful? Get in touch with our team of friendly Edinburgh dentists at New Town Dental Care and we’d be happy to help - whether it’s a regular check-up or a professional teeth whitening consultation!

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