White (Tooth-coloured) fillings


It used to be that, when you got a filling, everyone knew about it! Traditional fillings tend to be silver and very noticeable in nature, with most people expressing dissatisfaction with the unsightliness of standard fillings. More frequently the use of mercury containing fillings is coming under question for health and environmental risks. Because of these problems New Town Dental Care provide white (or tooth coloured) fillings, which are more correctly known as composite fillings. We use state of the art composite resin filling materials to restore the natural appearance of a tooth. To ensure the best aesthetic result we have use a wide variety of types and shades of composite.

Composite fillings work just like silver fillings in that they can be used to in a tooth with a cavity. They have several other uses such as rebuilding broken or worn teeth.

In addition to being much more beautiful and natural looking than silver fillings, composite fillings also have the benefit of being very strong and durable. They can help to add support to weakened teeth and can keep teeth from breaking off or being overly sensitive.

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