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Veneers are thin facings which are bonded to the teeth to enhance their appearance.

Veneers can be used to lighten, brighten or straighten teeth where appropriate and are generally used on the upper and lower arched on incisor, canine and premolar teeth. Depending on the occlusion/bite, veneers can also be used on the molar teeth.

Dental Veneers – the process

Following full case discussion and planning we will take impressions are in order that a diagnostic wax up can be provided. This will allow you to see the expected result before commiting to treatment. Following approval the teeth are prepared for final veneers. It is always the intention to ensure that the preparation of natural tooth tissue is as minimal as possible to preserve the natural tooth structure so great care is taken during the preparation for the veneers.

Following the final veneer preparation under magnification, accurate impressions are taken and transferred to the laboratory where the final veneers are fabricated ready for transfer to the mouth. In the intervening period, temporary veneers are generally placed. After construction of the veneers, the temporary veneers are removed before the final veneers are trial fitted for patient approval before being cemented into place carefully.

Following completion of veneer treatment, it is imperative to ensure regular attendance to care not only for the veneers but also for the remaining teeth in the mouth to ensure the result lasts as intended. Veneer treatment generally, but not always, requires the use of local anaesthetic for the preparation and fit stages.

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