Snoring and sleep apnoea devices

The basic concept of stopping snoring with oral devices (also known as
 mandibular advancement appliances) is very simple and scientifically proven 
to work – the problem has always been patient comfort and acceptance – and therefore compliance.

I work closely with the Department of Sleep Medicine at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary – all patients of the department who require mandibular advancement appliances are referred to me.

Some devices lock the jaws in one position which is uncomfortable and 
unhealthy – I only make devices that allow movement of the jaw. There are
 several devices that I make use of and all have their advantages and
 disadvantages – I would be happy to discuss these devices with you.

I work with Somnomed, Narval, Somnowell and Sleep-eez in Edinburgh.

The devices can also be used to treat obstructive sleep apnoea
 as a much more comfortable alternative to a CPAP machine.

The first stage is a consultation to establish if the device is suitable for
 you; this involves a full history and a brief but thorough dental
 examination. We will also confirm that the problem is snoring or sleep
 apnoea – we can establish this from the examination and history.

There will be no charge for this appointment; we also offer 0% finance
 options for the device itself.

This appointment will allow you the chance to see the device and exactly how
 it works – it is not too long but there will be plenty of time to ask any
 questions you might have.

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