Snoring and sleep apnoea devices

The basic concept of stopping snoring with oral devices (also known as
mandibular advancement appliances) is very simple and scientifically proven
to work – the problem has always been patient comfort and acceptance – and
therefore compliance.

Some devices lock the jaws in one position which is uncomfortable and
unhealthy – I only make devices that allow movement of the jaw. There are
several devices that I make use of and all have their advantages and
disadvantages – I would be happy to discuss these devices with you.

Somnowell is the most advanced of the available devices, it uses the same
 technology and materials as the most advanced cobalt chrome dentures. The
material is totally inert so will never tarnish or become smelly; its high
strength allows it to be thin but very stable. The design of the device is
such that the user can open and close their mouth comfortably, move
 naturally during sleep and even speak and drink.

The Somnowell device can also be used to treat mild obstructive sleep apnoea
as a much more comfortable alternative to the CPAP machines.

The first stage is a consultation to establish if the device is suitable for
you; this involves a full history and a brief but thorough dental
 examination. We will also confirm that the problem is snoring or sleep
 apnoea – we can establish this from the examination and history.

There will be no charge for this appointment; we also offer 0% finance
options for the device itself.

This appointment will allow you the chance to see the device and exactly how
 it works – it is not too long but there will be plenty of time to ask any
questions you might have.

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