Hygienist/Periodontal Treatments

At New Town Dental Care our experienced Hygiene team will help you keep your mouth healthy and fresh.

Hygienist appointments for new patients are available from £38 – no dentist visit necessary.


As with all dental care, the best way to treat gums problems is not to have them in the first place! Everyone is different so we can tailor your oral hygiene care to your needs. Our Hygienists will advise you how to maintain your mouth by demonstrating the latest advances in hygiene techniques along with dietary and nutritional advice to help prevent dental disease and up to date information on supplements to help strengthen your teeth.

Gum Treatments

Most adults suffer from some form of gum disease and most are unaware of their condition. Often, all that is needed is a thorough hygiene treatment, which will remove harmful plaque bacteria and surface stains – this will make an immediate noticeable difference. Once your gums are healthy it is important to attend the hygienist regularly to help to maintain your dental health
A session with the hygienist will result in your mouth feeling clean and fresh. You will leave with a confident sparkling smile.

More advanced gum problems can be treated in a number of ways tailored to meet individual requirements. Treatments are often carried out using ultra sonic scalers or hand instruments to remove the softer plaque and the harder calculus (tartar), which are the main causes of gum disease. Often this requires multiple visits with one of our hygienists.

Regular Visits

By visiting the hygienist regularly gum disease can be controlled and treated at an early stage avoiding the unnecessary loss of teeth or other dental treatment.

Denplan Essentials includes two examinations and two visits to the hygienist every year with the option to increase the number of hygienist visits if required. This is a great way to budget the costs of your routine dental care.

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